12 Dec 2017

Merry Christmas everyone!

The Blues Express wish everyone out there a peaceful nive Christmas holiday. We see you next year on the road.
Our first show will take place in Trondheim january 13.
Take Care!

15 Nov 2017

Thank You Oslo & Nes Bluesclub!!

The band would like to give a big thank you to all the people who showed up at the gigs last weekend. First the band did a vorscpiel show at Sosialen. Oslo Bluesclub hosted this show, what became the best show the band ever did so far. The gig at Sosialen ended up being a preshow before the 20th anniversary show for NBU (Norsk Blues Union) which took place at Rockefeller later on the same day. 

The best of people and blues where gathered together in Oslo this night. The band could not be more satisfied with the show! 

Later on the same night during the show at Rockefeller, the band did their next gig at Nes Bluesclub at Ă…rnes. The venue chosen for the gig was the famous "Pakkhuset". What a place!! Retro vibes all over! The band would like to especially give a big thank you to Jon Troli for transport and great hospitality!

6 Nov 2017

Two Shows saturday november 11.

Hi everybody!
This weekend we will do two shows in one day. First at Oslo Blues Club, @Sosialen at 3:30 pm. After a short trip we will do a short support gig in Nes Blues Club in the famous Pakkhuset at 9:00 pm. Looking forward to meet you all i Oslo!